Yes, looks like this update solved the problem, thanks Markus.


On Feb 7, 2008 2:31 AM, Markus Krötzsch <> wrote:
On Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2008, Sergey Chernyshev wrote:
> I've updated my SMW on Tech Presentations from RC1 to SVN HEAD and it seems
> that Semantic Links with empty text (actually not empty, but space to work
> around pipe trick and make them invisible) are not parsed anymore - on
>         [[Has default form::Form:Conference Series| ]]
> Is now displayed on the page as [[Form:Conference Series|]] and it's not
> supposed to display at all.

Oops, that is fixed in SVN now. The change that introduced that problem was to
make "[[Has default form::Form:Conference Series| ]]" disappear completely,
instead of introducing a " " at their position. Now this should work

> The relation does show up in Factbox, but Semantic Forms fails to recognize
> them (it derives form assignments from such relations on Category pages).

That is strange, since Special:Browse also shows the relation properly. So it
is stored in the database and should be retreivable with the normal storage
access methods. Which method do you use to retrieve the relation?


> I ran SMW_refreshData.php with -c -p -t and then without any. Twice.
> Any idea what might be happening?
>        Sergey

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