I'm not sure if restricting Ask functionality is along the lines of Wikipedia policies - it's not a modification operation therefore it should be public, I believe.

I agree, that abuse bocking and request throttling might be a solution here, but in general, I wouldn't recommend restriction of access, but a functionality instead, e.g. limited amount of joins or something like that.

This kind of actions is generally hard to limit and predict therefore it's quite easy to abuse. This might be a serious bottleneck in SMW adoption by Wikipedia.


On Dec 29, 2007 6:01 AM, cnit <cnit@uniyar.ac.ru> wrote:
> What I meant was: a simple cron-job can touch LocalSettings.php regularly to
> purge the MW cache globally. Not much interaction with MW needed for that.
Yes, that's simple.

> I guess a strong solution for that will still take some time. One could of
> course store inline queries in some table, use IDs for each, and permit
> anyone to use ask with such an (internal) ID only, whereas making custom
> queries would require further permissions. But this is some more code, and I
> am not entirely convinced of that design.

> Did you experience problems with anonymous users that access Special:Ask? On
> ontoworld it seems that a significant amount of Special:Ask requests really
> come from "further results" links.
Still not. It might show up later, when SMW will become common.
But maybe you're right that it doesn't worth the efforts.