Yes, but just throwing resources at something doesn't make it efficient.
As for code cache/accelerator, I agree - improvement is quite big because MW is doing lots of includes plus MW can use it for cache as well - I use APC and it works pretty good.


On Dec 28, 2007 6:36 AM, cnit <> wrote:
> Forget my previous post. The problem goesaway when I removed one
> template. It seems the performance issue is related tothe
> application instead of the database.
Try setting up eAccelerator for PHP, maybe it would help a bit. Also,
I believe that MW/SMW requires dedicated server (co-location). We've
tried usual low-cost hosting (with hundreds of other's virtual hosts)
and even MW alone was crawling..
Also, it was slow under Windows. It's ok with Linux server. Of course
you could also try dedicated MySQL server. MW even supports MySQL
clustering and web load-balancing, because it's being used by
wikipedia - one of the busiest and largest sites in the world.