If you're already using templates heavily, then making them Semantic Templates (inserting relation definitions into templates, not pages) might be the best first approach - it'll immediately give you lots of semantic data.


On Dec 22, 2007 7:38 AM, Temlakos <temlakos@gmail.com> wrote:

As an administrator on two wikis, one that has just installed SMW and
the other considering it for use with a large (over 20,000) body of
articles, I would certainly be interested in any project to assist
editors or administrators in mass-annotating existing articles.

Terry A. Hurlbut
< http://www.conservapedia.com/>

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On Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2007, Nastay wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> We have idea to create servise to help convert Wiki-article to
> SemanticWiki. We would like to know if something similar project is being
> developed. Have you any suggestions?

There are many ways in which one could "help convert Wiki-article to
SemanticWiki". If you want to support people with (semi-)automatic semantic
annotation, then there is a large body of related work available. The
aforementioned DBpedia uses a large-scale but simple approach based on MW
syntax, other projects analyse the text of articles to create suggestions
using methods from Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

If you did not mean that but maybe something like simpler user interfaces for
making semantic articles, then extensions like the SemanticForms or the
Halo-Toolbar are interesting to you.

Best regards and happy holidays,


> Thanks in advance,
>     Dasha & Nastay
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