Actually, since we're talking about querying different sources - I wonder if adding such external sources for data through virtual namespaces would be a way to extand data source? I had an idea to coupling SMW-based wiki with some external source of information - this might be a solution.


On Nov 29, 2007 5:10 PM, S Page <> wrote:
Denny Vrandečić wrote:
> Any idea how to add page and wiki-meta data to SMW? The problem is, by
> simply adding further special properties (last modified date, creation
> date, etc.) it seems to clutter the property namespace... Well, doing
> the implementation is not trivial either, but heck  :)

Perhaps a special virtual namespace, e.g. [[ArticleMetaProperty:Last
modified date]] ?

The SMW query code would notice this virtual namespace and retrieve the
metadata.  For extensibility, it could call back into custom code that
gets a particular metadatum property; though appending extra SQL code
seems very fragile.  And doing this really ties SMW into MediaWiki
database internals.

Some of the names you want to query on are in, like
{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}. But this missing things like "username who last
modified", "page size", etc.

Hard to do, hard to maintain, hard to extend, but it would be very useful.


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