Not sure if it's related to this issue, but I also lost some data in smw_attributes table (not all of it though). The worst part is that it didn't reappear after I ran complete SMW_refreshData on the dataset.
I wonder what needs to be done to repopulate SMW tables from scratch?


On Nov 8, 2007 8:26 AM, cnit <> wrote:
> Yes, this appears to be a bug. For a quick workaround, consider using the
> formats "list", "ul" or "ol", all of which also support the
> template-parameter for formatting (and this one certainly works with SMW1.0).
> Note that with list, you can also choose the separator between items
> (parameter sep), so as to simulate "template" quite well.

Thanks for a hint, but it seems that the problem is deeper. Even
after the successfully importing XML dump, where
were replaced with

and also these pages were placed on the top of the dump, to make sure
properties are defined before importing the pages where actual
values of properties are used..

But.. my smw_attributes table is empty :-( I think it's not
correct, because I have at least two properties and many user pages
that use them..

My first guess was: "that might be because the datetime class was
completely rewritten, and the new version doeesn't accept Russian
format of dates". But, I've made a simple test and it seems that

$this->m_time = strtotime(trim($value));

converts Russian formatted date
to correct value.

There is a page, which uses Date property with such value, yet, the
manual Special:Ask search of
where Aaoa is a Date in Russian, like:

returns nothing. Yet, the page with such property value exists in
the wiki..

The property also has it's own definition page (of course), which
states (in Russian) that it's a special one and it's type belongs
to standard type "Date" - there are mouseover popup hints. I guess that
means that property has been defined correctly?

I guess that SMW tables aren't initialized during the XML import for some

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