Yes, it's possible to change a skin to output some description, but I really want it to output page's content, not some generic words therefore it's not that easy to achieve in wiki.

When I was talking about JS, I meant that page will contain empty span tags like:

<span id="warning1"></span>

and some JS code next to factbox will contain actual warnings so they could be enabled/disabled with a button or with user preferences. It'll also allow showing warnings in factbox itself.


On Nov 7, 2007 1:42 AM, S Page <> wrote:
Sergey Chernyshev wrote:

> It seems that inline warnings are being crawled and indexed by Google
> which is quite bad.
> Here's home Google listing for one of my pages looks:
>         *JavaScript: The Good Parts* - Technical Presentations
>         < >
>     warning.pngSorry, URIs from the range
>     "{{#mediapath:*JavaScript* *The Good
>     Parts*.jpg}}" are not available in this place. *...*
>     <>*JavaScript*:_The_*Good*_*Parts*
>     - 18k -
> I fixed the error and google is probably going to update it eventualy,
> but still, it's not very good idea to have embedded HTML in there -
> maybe it's better to have them inserted using JS instead... it might
> help with enabling/disabling it on per-user basis as well.

You might be able to use the googleoff/on comment tags.  You want to
turn off snippet and index, but you can probably just turn off
everything with
<!--googleoff: all-->
  warning HTML stuff
<!--googleon: all -->

Details at
This definitely works for the Google Search Appliance, but I can't find
conclusive evidence whether Google's own Web crawler respects these tags.

Google tries to be smart about what to display in snippets, I'm not sure
what heuristics work these days to discourage it.  Try looking at
Google's cached version of your page for clues.  With JavaScript
enabled, the SMW warnings are surrounded by <span style="display:
none">, but the Google crawler sees the page with the warning in a
regular <div>.

suggests you can control the snippet using a
 <META NAME="Description" CONTENT = "blah blah" /> tag, you might be
able to change your skin to output something here.

You can turn off the snippet altogether with
see <>

=S Page

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