With {{#ask}} all of it will be very easy through monstrous constructs of nested templates and stuff. Luckily MediaWiki does a great job cache-ing stuff (sometime too good).

On 10/17/07, S Page <info@skierpage.com> wrote:
People ask for the ability to show every relationship of the current
page, i.e. where it's the object of a property as well as the subject.

If you know of a property involving the current page you can query for
it in an inline query, e.g.
   <ask>[[My Property::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]</ask>.

But you can't write an inline query that finds the current page as the
object of ANY property.  (The late unlamented Template:Ask put custom
inline queries for many kinds of properties in a single template.)

The "eye" icon in the factbox links to Special:Browse for the current
page, which does show both subject and object properties.
If a page doesn't have a factbox (e.g. because it isn't the subject of
any facts), or you want to emphasize this feature, one way to link to
Special:Browse for the current page is

   [[Special:Browse/{{FULLPAGENAME}}| See all pages with semantic
relations to this page.]]

I put both techniques in http://ontoworld.org/wiki/PHP

Basic stuff, but I hope someone finds it useful.
=S Page