Sorry, my first main missed the list again:

Yes, I think that's in the plans (although Markus didn't reply to my email about it on the list).

On 10/17/07, Luka Frelih <> wrote:
> Yaron and I observed a problem with template parameters handling
> within <ask> queries in SMW 1.0 RC1.
> Basically they don't get expanded.
> I've created a bug in MediaZilla for that:
> Same problem exists within template rendering when template is used as
> format for querying. Luka's patch doesn't help with it.
i think a simple way to get this functionality would be to implement an
ask function. as functions get parsed later than the tags, template
parameters and functions within it would get expanded before the call.

if i'm not mistaken someone has already done some work towards that.


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