I'm not sure if I understand what you added to the topic. In any case, please take a look at: http://ontoworld.org/wiki/N-ary_relations

Sergey Chernyshev

On 8/10/07, Eep≤ < eep@tnlc.com> wrote:
I know this thread is kind of old but I have some suggestions to streamline this a bit. The relationships/attributes/properties
(whatever) are too wordy. Instead, these are shorter and more grammatically correct, shorter, less syllables, faster to type, etc:

has president -> president
begin of term -> term begin
end of term -> term end
location -> place

Also, with the new property, er, property (attribute? option? parameter?), will it work like relationships do now with
[[relationship::name]] where the "::" (double colons) create a link where as [[attribute:=name]] doesn't create a link? I ask
because I need that functionality for both parameters ("relationship" and "attribute" in SMW .7) and I hope "property" can do both
links and non-links as well for the next SMW version.

Last, if "property" can also accept just "prop" that would would make it easier to use (and type)--"rel" and "att" could be
shortened forms of the current parameter names too.

MovGP0 wrote on Wed, 28 Mar 2007 11:14:47 -0800:
> <snip/>
> I guess the following idea would make things too complicated, but just as
> theoretical question:
> would a "Type:Relation" be possible to implement?
> "has president":  [[has Type:=[[Type:Wikipage]]; [[Type:Date]];
> [[Type:Relation]] ]]
> "end of term":  [[has Type:=[[Type:String]]; [[Type:Date]]; [[Type:Wikipage]];
> [[Type:Wikipage]] ]]
> [[has president::John F. Kennedy; 1961; [[end of term:=assassination; 22
> November 1963; Dallas; Lee Harvey Oswald]] ]]
> [[has president::Richard Nixon; 1969; [[end of term:= ; 1972]] ]]
> [[has president::Richard Nixon; 1972; [[end of term:=resignation; 9 August
> 1974;
> ; Watergate scandal]] ]]
> [[has president::G.W. Bush; 2001]]
> Thanks,
> GŁnther

I don't think that this is as flexible as the suggestions we made
already. Note that in the following example we get a much better ontology:

= BEGIN ==========================================
[[has president::
   [[Person::John F. Kennedy|John F. Kennedy]]
started to be president in
   [[begin of term::
and was
   [[end of term::
         [[by::Lee Harvey Oswald|]]
      [[Date:=1963-10-22||November 22, 1963]]
]]. After Kennedy,
[[has president::
   [[Person::Richard Nixon|]]
started to be president in
   [[begin of term::
   [[end of therm:: [[Year::1969|]
]] then the was rejected and started his term again in
[[has president::
   [[Person::Richard Nixon]]
   [[begin of term::
   [[end of term::
because of the
         [[Because::Watergate scandal|]]
      [[Date:=1974-08-09|August 9, 1974]]
   ]]. Since
[[has president::
   [[begin of term::
      [[Person::George Walker Bush|G. W. Bush]]
won the election and is therefore the current president.
= END =============================================

Note that I can mix ordinary text with markup (a <nowiki> or
<nosemantic> element might be possible too, but then the source becomes
even harder to read) and there is no need to keep the format - If I want
to do so I can use Templates, but that comes with a loss of flexibility
if the template is not well scripted:

{{has president|John F. Kennedy|1961|1963|assassinated}}

Also a vertical bar right before the closing brackets will repeat the
text that is given as argument. Relations marked with :: and having a
non-complex value will get interpreted as Link to an Article. Anyway, I
would take this only as example, because the starts and ends of being
president might be better placed into the articles of the presidents -
but this is a very subjective POV.

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