On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 11:21 AM, Brian <Brian.Mingus@colorado.edu> wrote:
I have a large amount of code that does this but I'm not ready to release the application in general.

You may notice a near symmetry in the wikitext/bibtex formats. They are very easy to convert between. I suggest the following pipeline:

bib2xml | xml2bib # This standardizes your bibtex http://www.scripps.edu/~cdputnam/software/bibutils/

Bib2Dictionary | CustomFilteringStep | Dictionary2Wikitext | # These are very simple string functions that perform only the work needed to get your data into the wiki. 1 hour of work.

Lastly, create properties for the bibtex fields in your wiki and write a bot that creates one page per entry, with the bibtex key as the title of the page.

I should also point out that Semantic Results Format supports bibtex export, so be sure to test that your semantic design is compatible with it.