I'm looking for a way to provide my users with a very simple but effective dynamic semantic search engine. The basic feature I would like to provide is ajax #ask queries, except that the user doesn't have to know what #ask is. For example, I have 30,000 values in my wiki for the author property. The author names are arbitrarily formatted and quite idiosyncratic, such as:
Richard N Aslin, F E  Bloom, J Cohen, Thomas Russman. If you wanted to find all papers authored by Cohen, you would type {{#ask:[[author::~*Cohen*]]}}. I would like to provide my users with an author form field, where each substring they type initiates an ajax request for the above query.

A review of existing technologies. I use the most recent subversion version of MW and SMW:

* Semantic Forms. This supports ajax autocompletion but the generation of reports is not dynamic - you are forced to create a new page on the wiki. This is way too slow and clunky to be an effective "search engine"
* SemanticQueryFormTool and SimpleForms. SimpleForms is an abandoned extension and SQFT cannot do this on its own (to my limited knowledge)
* Semantic MediaWiki+. This extension has a non-ajax query builder but it requires an outdated version of MW (1.13).
* DynamicPageList. This extension seems to have a category-centric focus. I don't use categories and I'm not sure it can be integrated with SMW in this way. Also, I don't think it supports ajax.

Before I roll my own, does anyone know of a way to do this with existing technology?