Dear Brian, 

Have you RTFM? If so you would know to run the script like so:

php SMW_refreshData.php -ftpv
php SMW_refreshData.php -v


On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 1:18 AM, Brian <> wrote:
I was trying to write some wildcard queries on my wiki and I realized that I had used Type:Text in place of Type:String. So I switched them to Type:String and then ran SMW_refreshData.php. After it gets to 3340 it starts hogging up memory (I stopped it at 600MB) and it never makes it to 3341, even if I kill it and restart it at 3340. 

Maybe I have maxed out semantic mediawiki, and I cannot do wildcard queries? For example, one of the new String fields is title, and it has over 15,000 titles in it. But I have many other string fields with just as many entries. Some, such as author, have many more than 15,000 strings since a journal paper often has many others.

I would love to get this working. Thoughts?


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