Hello all,
I've been  toying with Semantic Mediawiki for a couple of months now and just LOVE it. But as in everything, it doesn't always do what I want the way I want it. Sometimes it's because I don't know how to use the software properly yet, sometimes it's just that the software is limited. For my question, I don't know exactly what is the right answer so here it is.
Scenario : Let's say I have properties grouped together that defines something. I have SomethingAuthor SomethingDescription, SomethingStatus. There can be multiple SOMETHING property group present in the same page. When I query for these properties, I want each group to be on a distinct row in my results table.
Problem: Semantic mediawiki seems to be made for one property name per page, not multiple one. It also seems that SMW always do SELECT DISTINCT on the database, removing redundant values. But in my scenario, I want to have all these redundant values. I want to be able to group together properties and have a meaning for that group.
Soooooo, which one is true : RTFM or Limitation of SMW?

Etienne Fortin