I am using SMW to document SW Engineering processes. Those documents are very structured and thus good to annotate. But I was wondering if i can do a special kind of query:

I have a lot of pages that use the property "uses workproduct" which is of type "page". The reflect the fact that a certain SW-Engineering Process is using a specified Workproduct (e.g. taking the ISO 15504 and Automotive SPICE (http://www.automotivespice.com/): the Process ENG.1 uses the workproduct 08-16 "Release Plan").

I also have a lot of pages where the workproducts name their features (ie [[Standard:ASPICE/WP/08-16]]). I am able to query on the WP/08-16 page for all the processes that use this workproduct.

But here is the question: Can I create a query that annotates me the result of the query to an inverse property?

I tried the query below, but since SMW gives back a string (?) the query doesn't work.

[[is used in Process::<ask link=none>[[Kategorie:Process]][[Uses Workproduct::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]</ask>]]

Any comments are much appreciated and at the very end I need to express my thank to all the developers of this great extension. You are truly making a difference.

Best regards,

(this query works on every page containing a work product:
<ask format="table" default="None.">
 [[Uses Workproduct::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]
 [[Process Name::*]]