Dear Sirs,
I am using Semantic MediaWiki for a content management and data analysis application.
I wish to know how can i include the DOMAIN & RANGE information of a WikiPageProperty in the exported OWL/RDF file.
The current Special Export RDF function provided is unable to capture any information about these types even when they have been attached by the 'edit' option for each WikiPageProperty.
Apart from that, while running the PHP script named SMW_RDFDump.php from the maintenance folder with option 'categories' is not yielding required results. All options are generating same dump file containing all data about the ontology. I need to import JUST the ontology structure without populated data..
Kindly HELP!!
Looking forward to your prompt response.

Thank you.

Karan Bansal,
Project Engineer
Mob: +91 9620312955, +91 9911840112

Center for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Defence R&DOrganization,
Ministry ofDefence, Govt. of India,
CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore-93

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