hm, but ALL of my template content is within that includeonly tag. And you're saying here the contents only show up within the "Special tag properties" pop-up, which gives me only a small window to work in, and only as wikitext.
So really, I can't edit a template at all with the wysiwyg editor. Which is too bad, as most of my work is in the templates.
I get that it's hard; one of the problems with distributed, open-source, modular developement is the left hand not always knowing what the right is doing. FCKEditor needing to be "aware" of all possible syntax used for all the other modules. You guys are doing great; I was really impressed to see the "add special tag" button, which shows even the functions I created myself (though, we should find a way to show the parameters as well; otherwise you have to go to the docs/code anyways, and it defeats the purpose).
But, my goal for the SMW is to create a code-less enviroment for a particular class of user. Like what you might get working with an advanced CMS. SMWHalo is getting us very close to that.

Thanks again.

From: Stephan Robotta <>
To: don undeen <>
Sent: Wed, November 10, 2010 10:12:39 AM
Subject: Re: [SMW-devel] toggle on SMWHalo wysiwyg not working

Hi Don,

everything inside a <nowiki> <includeonly> etc. will be replaced by a
placeholder icon so that the user realizes he is using some special
mark up. When you click on such an element it gets selected. Then you
can do a right click to reveal the context menu and click on the item
"Special tag properties". There a popup appears with the content that
is inside the special tags, all in plain wiki text.

Let me also write a few words about templates. Inside templates the
wiki markup usually is somewhat more complicated than in an ordinary
page. We did quite some improvements to make the editor not break any
content when switching back from HTML to wiki text. This is the big
issue here because the editor should restore all wikitext back from the
html again. And that's not always easy. I am sure that there might be
still bugs, that make this step fail. So be careful when editing form
definitions or templates with the wysiwyg editor. Also please report
any issue back to us, so that we can fix it.

Best regards, Stephan

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 06:46:37AM -0800, don undeen wrote:
> hey, but while we're on the subject of templates and wysiwyg editor,
> It would actually be nice to be able to use the wysiwyg editor with templates.
> but unfotunately, when I try to, all I see is the <noinclude><includonly> tags.
> is that a bug or a feature :) ?
> ________________________________
> From: Stephan Robotta <>
> To:
> Sent: Wed, November 10, 2010 4:49:47 AM
> Subject: Re: [SMW-devel] toggle on SMWHalo wysiwyg  not working
> Hello Don,
> It seems that you discovered a bug here. The button doesn't seem to
> have any effect when the WYSIWYG extension is used without Halo.
> The easiest workaround for your problem would be that in the user
> preferences you exclude the template namespace from being edited with
> the Richtext editor.
> The official FCK extension for Mediawiki [1] allows to set a global
> option in the LocalSettings.php to exclude certain namespaces from
> being edited with the FCKeditor. You could define this like:
> $wgFCKEditorExcludedNamespaces= array(NS_TEMPLATE);
> Unfortunalely the WYSIWYG extension of Halo doesn't support this global
> setting. Therefore I attached a patch to this mail, that you can apply
> the the FCKeditor.body.php file so that $wgFCKEditorExcludedNamespaces
> is recognized as well.
> This doesn't solve the problem with the button, but at least gets you
> the normal editor for pages in the Template namespace.
> Best regards, Stephan
> [1]
> On Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 01:47:18PM -0800, don undeen wrote:
> > hey guys,
> > I'm beginning the upgrade grind on my wiki installations.
> >
> > I've installed the wysiwyg text editor from Halo, and I'm hainv a problem, in
> > that i can't seem to disable it in the interface.
> >
> > What i mean is, there's a button that says "switch t wiki text editor", but
> > clicking on it doesn't expose the wiki text.
> >
> > this is especially annoying when I'm trying to edit templates, as the wysiwyg
> > editor only shows <noinclude><includonly>
> >
> > any ideas?
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