Hello, I've got a question. I (for some unknown reason) am trying to model a UML model in SMW. I am representing UML classes as SMW pages, and then the different UML relationships as properties relationships between pages, so I have

SWM properties fo UML relationship types:
hasGeneralization (and its inverse isGeneralizationOf)
hasAssocation (and its inverse isAssociationOf)

and for UML attributes I am using the SMW property:

I am trying in the template page that defines my UmlClass to write a query that allows the focus page (a UML class) to find out what attributes it ought to inherit through the hasGeneralization relationship from it's parent

So I went for the following query:


where the Template:amap/hasAttribute is:


This almost works in that I get the inherited attribute pulled through from the parent page and it is hyperlinked suggesting something is being parsed but it does not show up on the inherting pages semantic properties, and therefore is not subsequently inherited. Can anyone suggest why?