Hi folks,
I've been using SMW since 0.7 behind the corporate firewall and have been lurking in the background.

After attending the first SMW User Group Meeting, got revved up again and decided to start giving back.

Using SMW in the corporate setting, its no secret that half the success of any intranet initiative is adoption (and I know that first-hand from experience and a couple of "ghost town" intranets).  

Apart from usability - there's also another vital component - nice and pretty charts - at least for the mgmt types :)

Joking aside - here it is - SRF-Ploticus. (see http://ploticus.sourceforge.net)

It's a first installment and I'm already working on some improvements.

The project started out of the need for some canned reports for - (wait for it) mgmt types, and tables were just not cutting it.  SRF-Googlepie and Googlechart were non-starters as well coz of security concerns.

I'm still working on a gallery of examples using some sanitized data, but using the result printer is pretty straightforward once you get up to speed with Ploticus.

Yaron just checked in the code in SVN and I look forward to all your feedback.


Thanks Yaron for all the help!