Just one comment. Could we perhaps copy the discussion emails to the discussion page of the http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/SPARQL_and_RDF_stores_for_SMW  - so its easier to aggregate all the ideas....

From: Samuel Lampa <samuel.lampa.l@rilnet.com>
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Sent: Sat, September 18, 2010 6:35:59 PM
Subject: Re: [SMW-devel] [RDF] Discussion

On 09/18/2010 03:22 PM, Markus Krötzsch wrote:
> On 18/09/2010 15:05, Alfredas Chm wrote:
>> As the first thing on the agenda, I would like to ask Markus to create a
>> page (and add permissions) on the semantic-mediawiki.org
>> <http://semantic-mediawiki.org>  to put the info on the separate
>> extensions, comparisons - to be used later as the basis for the discussion.
> Done (at least a stub):
> http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/SPARQL_and_RDF_stores_for_SMW

Great! Had interesting read on

Especially this section drew my attention:

... so let me add some inline comments (This might be aspects you were
discussing/regarding already, but just to make sure):

Wikipage wrote:
> ... needs to be extended with a function that takes SPARQL queries and that returns SMW query result objects

For this kind of processing SPARQL/RDF etc with PHP, I'd like to
highlight the huge benefit of keeping ARC2 in the picture ... it has
really been an amazing productivity igniter, not so much for its RDF
store and SPARQL Endpoint as for its super-convenient data structures
and methods for processing SPARQL, RDF (and its variants). I cannot
imagine having succeeded with RDFIO in time without all that and there
also seems to be quite some converge on ARC2 as the library-of-choice
for other PHP based projects as well (The upcoming Drupal 7, which has
RDF export turned on by default, etc.)

Though maybe that is what was thought of, with the line further below:
> Direct bindings to ARC2 (via PHP)

Anyway, so next thing:

> Generic SPARQL/SPARUL SMW store implementation that can connect to different RDF stores supporting these standards

Noting though that there are currently more than one standard for
updating. ARC2 currently uses SPARQL+ [1], while waiting for
SPARQ:/Update to stabilize, and standards seem to be a bit of a moving
target still, so it'd probably be good to make things as generic as
possible, in order to support multiple/changing standards.

In general, all these envisioned strategies seem to require ability to
run more than one store. So, is that possible today (There is the
$smwgDefaultStore config setting, but that only takes one store AFAIK, etc)?

// Samuel

> I think the next step will be to consolidate the features that we
> actually want (some will have to go or unified, I guess), especially for
> the #sparql parser function.
> Regards,
> Markus

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