Thanks for this update !

It fixed the two crippling issues I had with the Exhibit format :

- javascript errors in IE6 for any format
- javascript error on any browser with the Timeline format

You said something about adding links in results.

Is there a way to add links to result pages in the Table view ? or does that still apply only to the Tile view ?

- Laurent Alquier

From: "Markus Krötzsch" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 10:43 PM
Subject: [Semediawiki-user] [News] Improved Exhibit result printer (SVN)


Below are two news items regarding Exhibit:

(1) A new version of the Exhibit result printer for SMW was uploaded to SVN
(2) Exhibit can now be used on any webpage to browse data from remote wikis

If you do not know Exhibit, have a look at the example pages [1] and [2] that
demonstrate the according SMW result printer.

(1) Exhibit in Semantic Result Formats (SRF)

The Exhibit result printer (part of the SRF extension) has now been updated in
SVN to fix many initial bugs and to generally improve its behaviour. Changes
in the update:

* Required scripts, styles, images now largely included.
Only Timeline and Map will access a remote server now.
* Fixes for Timeline (it actually works with SMW 1.4.* now)
* Google Maps key can be set in LocalSettings.php as follows:
$wgGoogleMapsKey = 'yourkey';
If this is not set, the "maps" view will be disabled.
* Many formatting improvements (e.g. in displaying links in results)
* Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer (esp. IE8)

The update can be obtained via SVN. You can also replace the Exhibit directory
in an existing SRF installation with the directory obtained from [3] (use "svn
checkout http://..." to download it).

(2) Exhibit on the Web

Exhibit can also be used on external web pages to display data from remote
wikis. See [4] for an impressive example of how to do this with only little
HTML -- observe how this is combined with SemanticForms. Proper documentation
for this still needs to be written. I am looking forward to see some creative
new applications that exploit this new option as a way to free wiki data from
the site that hosts it.

All Exhibit improvements have been contributed by Fabian Howahl and the
Exhibit team at MIT CSAIL.




Markus Krötzsch
Semantic MediaWiki


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