Yes , it is   1.0-RC1

I tested some queries on ontoworld and they work fine.

I just wander what could be the reason. Is it possible that this is because I use a translation (UTF8/Cyrillic characters)? I have used everywhere a translation of "Category" as it is in the language file. But the problem is that it _was_ working and something happened.

Is it possible that I execute some reset or reinitialization of SMW?

By the way I have recently also deleted the cache from the DB. Could that also be a reason?

S Page <> wrote:
Nav Ail wrote:
> I just want to execute a query as the following:
> [[Category:Articles]]
> (say I have 10 pages categorized with [[Category:Articles]])

Are you running SMW 1.0? This works fine on
[[Category:US county]]
retrieves pages in that category, and in its subcategory California county.

As I pointed out elsewhere, by default semantic search only returns
pages in the main namespace. If you want to search other namespaces,
you have to use a disjunction, for example


will return regular pages, User pages, and subcategory names that are
in the category "Article" and its subcategories. (You have to put ':'
in front of Category in the list of namespaces to avoid its special

>> Also when I search for pages which have whatever(+) category the result
>> conatins only those two subcategories which I have categorized.

I don't understand. YOu can make a test page (with
[[Category:Testpage]] on showing the problem you're having.)

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