Hey All,

I'm trying to perform in-line queries by sorting geographic coordinates, the problem is only the latitude (e.g. the first number that appears in the coordinate 33.3434,-44.2332 ) is being recognized and sorted - everything else is being ignored.  So I can effectively say "only show points between this point North and this point South" but the east and west are free.

Is there any way to do this?  Should I give it an N-aray type of number; number and try to sort that way? (I tried this, but I have a large dataset, and might not have been taking effect fast enough)

Should I make it a string, enable ~, and search for ~33.343*, -44.233*  (and create a radius of size dependant on the decimal point i place *'s) - or a multi-type of strings and do that?

Or should I start hacking up some code?  It seems weird that there isn't a built in function for this - the values lat/long can be passed onto services, but in terms of sorting they seem to be stuck together as one number.

Thanks for the help everyone!


p.s. tried with separating the long/lat with ";", no luck though :    [[Coord::>33.3434;<-44.2332]]