I will check this out today and give feedback if it works.
Thanks for the help!

2007/5/8, S Page <skierpage@earthlink.net>:
S Page wrote:
> I'm pretty sure you need to localize the special
> property, thus:
>    [[Hat Datentyp::Datentyp:Zeichenkette]]
> ...  So we need to document
> this.

I added the following to INSTALL, let me know if it's incorrect:

  - Problem: In my non-English installation, attributes and relations
don't work even when I follow the examples.

   You must use the localized names for special properties and
namespaces.  Although MediaWiki has some support for canonical (English)
names such as Category and Special:Allpages, the SMW extension requires
localized names.
Thus in a German wiki, instead of creating a page Attribute:abc with
   [[Has type::Type:String]], you must create page Attribut:abc with
   [[Hat Datentyp::Datentyp:Zeichenkette]]
The translated strings for each language are in the languages subdirectory.

> Also, perhaps we should localize the
> http://ontoworld.org/wiki/Help:Semantics pages.  It would be pretty
> onerous for ontoworld.org to run multiple language wikis each with
> translated help, but perhaps we could provide help pages in the SMW
> distribution for easy import into your local wiki.
> Thoughts?  Translators?