Welcome to the Electronic Commercial Contribution of Money!

ECCM-Invest is a high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading. We have a team who are expert on their filed to manage the funds. Launched our website on February 12, 2007. Our professionals take advantage of currency price fluctuations to make profit for their clients by buying and selling major currencies and stocks.
Our mission is to provide our investors with a stable value investment opportunity for their capital,by investing in gold or gold futures electronically to gain a stable rate in return.

Online program that mainly focused on FOREX and securities exchange.

Before we put the investment programs onto the Internet, we have been on our business offline for several years. However, we are a group of professional experts with years of trading experience, so we are a great team that you can trust.

Here is what we offer:

- 7% Daily for life paid directly to e-gold

- Payments made every month

- Minimum Spend: $1 USD

- Maximum Spend: $5000 USD

- Multiple spends allowed

- One month = 210%

We don't make illusions and we don't promise sweet dreams.
We simply effectively perform the job.
The group of our experts works as one mechanism for achievement of the greatest possible result.
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