Hi everybody

I am looking into the new Exhibit result format. I have been able to successfully use tables and tiles so far.

Based on the few examples I could find, and the scattered documentation, I am currently stuck in two dead ends :

1- Did anyone figure out how to use the 'lenses' aspect of the format ? I had no luck so far based on Exhibit and Wibbit documentations. In particular, I am looking for color coding a row or embedding URLs in a tabular view.

2- Is there an example of Timeline facet available somewhere ? I created a start, end, proxy and colorkey attributes, and all I get is a javascript error (Unable to create a Timeline).

Thanks in advance for any insight in this new format (experimental I suppose).

Also - I came up with a couple of simple visual enhancements to the calendar view (to truncate labels, color their background and display full titles in popups instead of inside the calendar).

Who should I contact to submit the changes for review ?


- Laurent Alquier