Ah, what do you know - there was indeed a major bug with the handling of 'month' frequencies. I apparently only barely tested it. The fix you came up with didn't quite work, but I came up with something that looks like it fixes the problem; it's checked in to SVN now. Thanks for the bug report.


On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 3:36 PM, Al Hooton <al@hootons.org> wrote:
There's a bug in includes/SMW_ParserExtensions.php, r63949 (appears to
have been there from the beginning). The fix is below.

In doSetRecurringEvents() on line 407, where the code is handling
situations where unit="month" you will find:

$cur_month %= 12;

This line causes a bug as soon as the sequence of events rolls over
into the following year, as it sets cur_month to 0 instead of 1 at that
point. In the next iteration this then cascades into setting cur_year
to an invalid value as well.

The fix is to replace line 407 with this:

$cur_month = ($cur_month % 12) + 1;


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