Well, I think the basic 'xofmonth' functionality is the way to go - a single new value that takes care of everything. Assuming the new code works, I can add it in to SMW myself, since #set_recurring_event is basically my code. I'll probably wait until after SMW 1.5 is released, though...

For the name of the new value, though, how about 'dayofweekinmonth' instead? It's quite long, but it's the only thing I can think of where there's even a remote chance that someone would understand it just by seeing the name.


On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 12:55 AM, David Raison <david@hackerspace.lu> wrote:
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> Regarding the complexity of supporting the "2nd Wednesday of every 3rd
> month" example: I agree it is likely to be a very rare occurrence.
> However, I like it because it allows the "period" value to used with the
> proposed new functionality in a way that is congruent with how it works
> with existing functionality (I like consistency in my programmatic
> interfaces).

That is the point I was trying to make.
I don't know about the 3rd Sunday every four months, but in our case, we actually have events that
take place every first Saturday of a month, or every last Tuesday. (As can be seen by the real life

If you have recurring events that the same people want to or shall attend, you can't have them
attend them on different days of the Week every Month. That doesn't really work well with people's

So all I ask for is really that X Day of every month, but as the period is already in there, why not
let people have other periods.

Of course, it might be more difficult/expensive to allow for events to recur on Easter every year
(and I must admit I don't know exactly on what first/last day in what week that is) but Weekdays
should come in pretty cheap and very handy for a considerable number of people. (We can't be that
weird, having events recur on every first Saturday of a month, are we?)

> David: I can certainly support your approach as well (especially since
> it appears you've already got it coded.... 8^) ).

Thanks ;) And it seems to me (knowing that there must be better algorithms) that this is pretty
inexpensive. Even if you're off by a week on one round, the debt doesn't add up but is corrected in
each loop. I first thought that this might not scale well with days in the first week of a month,
but it actually does, doesn't it?


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