To answer your last question - it doesn't look like you've upgraded SMW:


On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 5:36 PM, David Raison <> wrote:
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> we plan to release SMW 1.5.0 within the next few days. Two or three
> issues still are on my list for being fixed, but most of the code
> should be ready now. Moreover, there has just been a new release of
> Semantic Maps, and there will soon be a release of Semantic Forms.

Looking forward to release 1.5

However.. I'm not certain we didn't have that discussion already, but
it'd be very nice to have some sort of compatibility matrix that lists
what SMW extensions are compatible with what version of SMW.

I tried upgrading to Maps and Semantic Maps 0.5.4 and that just gave me
an Exception until I remembered that they now also depend on Validator.
(@Jeroen: I updated your extension's wiki page accordingly)

If there was a link from every extension page to that matrix, or if
every extension page could display its own matrix, that woul really make
upgrades less stressful. (Having Exception errors on your productive
system is a wee bit stressful)


P.S. I still have this problem where my recurring events aren't parsed
since I last upgraded SMW. (i.e. on
Help, anyone?

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