If anyone's not aware of the FlaggedRevs extension, it's a neat extension that allows for certain groups of users to flag specific versions of a page as being "valid". What's shown to regular readers is then the latest valid version, instead of just the latest version, in the same way that software usually has both "latest" and "stable" versions. You can see more here:


It's already in use on several language Wikipedias, including German, Russian and Arabic. It can be used both to guard against vandalism, and, for internal wikis, to mimic a "publish" feature that standard CMS's usually have - that information is not displayed officially until someone has approved it.

It seems to make a lot of sense to me for SMW to support FlaggedRevs, so that if that extension is installed, the semantic data for a page isn't saved on page saves, but instead on page "validations". I don't know how this would be done technically, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be that hard. Any thoughts?