Can you explain how this would be used? What would be a sample value for "Has field label format" - is it a template name, a function name, or something else?


On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 1:01 AM, Daniel Friesen <lists@danielfriesen.name> wrote:
I was in need of something in Semantic Forms so I implemented a small
new feature.

My use case was countries. I wrote a country datatype that used country
codes and displayed the localized country name on the wiki (factboxes,
content areas, etc...).
The issue of course was a limitation in Semantic Forms, values are used
as labels in dropdowns, etc... and you can't customize them.

So I implemented a small label setup that takes advantage of output
formats in semantic types.
If you use [[Has field label format::formatstring]] along with [[Allows
value::]] then SF will pass that formatstring to the output format of
the type for that property and use the formatted value as the label in
the case of dropdowns, listboxes, multiple checkboxes, and radio boxes.

Now that I think about it, a |label format= in the {{{field might be
possible. Perhaps along with something like |label[value]= for when you
are using |values=.

~Daniel Friesen (Dantman, Nadir-Seen-Fire) [http://daniel.friesen.name]

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