This is great! I've long thought that adding RDFa support wouldn't take that much code - someone just had to implement it, and I'm glad you finally did. There was a project a year or two ago to add RDFa support, but I think that ended up actually delaying things, because everyone assumed it had already been implemented, when really it hadn't been (I think...). Anyway, the code looks good, and hopefully it can get added directly to SMW at some point. There's just one issue: shouldn't every URL contain "Special:URIResolver", so it looks like "http://mywiki.com/Special:URIResolver/page-name" instead of "http://mywiki.com/page-name"?

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 1:24 PM, <zhengj3@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear SMWer,

We're pleased to announce the release of the "RDFa" extension [1].  This extension provides the functionality of outputing semantic data of Mediawiki pages in the RDFa format. The RDFa formatted data generated from a page will have the page itself as the subject. The properties and objects are retrived from the semantic data of this page.

This is our first release of the extension, bug reports, feature requests, issue discovery, or general questions are welcome and appreciated.


Jin Guang Zheng & Jie Bao

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