I got very concerned seeing that link, although thankfully hitting "refresh" on the page cleared it up - the page is now displaying correctly again.

My guess (my hope) is that the error you're seeing is just related to a typo in the header names, or something like that.


On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 11:25 AM, Laurent Alquier <laurent@alquier.org> wrote:

Hi Yaron

After updating ED to 0.7.1, I am experiencing issues with a page accessed as 'CSV with header' format.

That page used to work before the update - That is, I was able to retrieve data from the CSV list and display it in a table.
After the update, the table is blank.

I am able to retrieve data from XML though, so the extension works.

It seems to happen with CSV and CSV with header. I did not try JSON.

I am using CSV content in a page between <includeonly> tags.

I will try to troubleshoot it more if I have time later today, but at first glance, something odd is going on.

Check the example from the extension page : http://discoursedb.org/wiki/Germany

it seems broken as well.

- Laurent

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