Hi everyone,

Version 1.8.1 of Semantic Forms has been released. This version has the following changes and additions:

- in MediaWiki 1.16 (currently still in alpha stage), there's a new skin, "Vector", that's supposed to represent an improvement in usability (if you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out - you can see it in action at the Usability Initiative site [1]). Anyway, this skin has different handling for tabs than other skins, but now the SF "edit with form" tab shows up correctly for this skin as well.

- in the #formlink parser function, where before there were two link types, "link" (or blank) and "button", there's now a third type - "post button", which looks the same as "button", but sends its query-string values to the form via POST, instead of the URL, which should allow for much longer values.

- error-checking was added for the initialization of special properties, to prevent notice warning messages for some non-English languages.

- handling was fixed for the "autocomplete on..." and "values from category" form parameters, so they can work when the property/category/etc. name is written with the first letter lowercased (this was already working for "values from concept=" and "property=").

- mandatory-radiobutton validation was fixed when there's no "None" option (and thus no need for validation); thanks to a patch from F.trott.

[1] http://usability.wikimedia.org