Sorry about the delay - for anything that's more complicated than a simple text preload, I would definitely suggest using the "sfEditFormPreloadText" hook. Basically, you should create a new extension that has a function that registers with this hook. The function will get passed in the name of the form, so if it's the form for these "static" pages, the function should do all the processing to set the page contents accordingly. It's more work, but it gives you the flexibility that I think you'll need.


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as I have mentioned before, I'm working on a "Business software" like Wiki
(making advanced/excessive use of SMW, SF, ParserFunctions, ...). It contains
project management, workflow management and customer relationship management
aspects, and it's coming along nicely. I'm currently working on the invoicing
part (which is strongly connected with all of the above mentioned: the invoice
contains data from project management, workflow and names/addresses from the

What's special about the invoice pages, is, that they must not consist of
queries - thus being dynamic. When a project manager decides that one (or
multiple) projects are ready to be invoiced, the data from the project
page(s), workflow task pages, and the customer page must get *copied* to the
invoice page, which is then static, and will never change due to underlying
data getting changed.
Since in our business there are many exceptions regarding pricing, etc., the
invoice generation could never be perfect and thus completely automated. This
is why the (static) invoice pages need to be easily (through a form) editable
by the project manager, so he can "fine tune" the generated invoice.

Currently I have a solution to create those invoice pages using SF's
preloading-via-query-string mechanism [1]. So basically there is a
Form:Invoice that allows to take in all the data needed in the invoice, and it
gets populated via a huge GET request (created by a rather sophisticated
#formlink). The problem I have now, is, that I will run into the ~ 8 KB URL
size limit of Apache [2] when we want to put multiple projects into one invoice.

Can you think of a way to make this work for larger amounts of data? Would it
be possible to somehow (maybe by modifying SF) use POST to send the preload
information to AddData?
Or is there a completely different way of duplicating the data, while still
having a form-editable result of that duplication?


[1]: -
bullet point 5
[2]: or 2 KB URL size limit of Internet Explorer, but since we don't use IE,
that wouldn't be a problem

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