I'm very pleased to announce another addition to Semantic MediaWiki - you can now query to get a list of all the pages that have their coordinates within a certain distance from a specified point. This code was created by Thomas Fellows, with some minor modifications from me. The syntax uses the "::~" operator, which now works not just for strings but for coordinates as well. You can see an example of this new kind of query here:


The top table uses the query:

{{#ask:[[Category:Cities]][[Has coordinates::~39N, 122W]]|distance=200 miles|? Has coordinates}}

The 'distance' value is the radius in which the query looks. You can have it in either miles or kilometers; kilometers can be set by a value like "200 kilometers", "200 kilometres" (for the British and French) or "200 km".

I think should be a very helpful feature, especially for lists like "all the hotels that are within 10 miles of this hotel".