Yes, that's a limitation of the format, although it's really a limitation of inline queries at the moment: you can't get the value of a property of a property, or the equivalent of a database "join". I didn't want to add additional queries into the 'outline' format either, because I figured that might add a lot of additional complexity. Until a time when queries support display parameters like "?Has parent.Has parent", your best alternative is to go with you suggested, a manual addition of that value in the template.


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 3:25 PM, Robert Murphy <> wrote:
Thanks for doing this Yaron.  I got very excited when this was first discussed but it disappeared for a long time.  I'm glad you found the time.

I see your example, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding the purpose of this format.  Imagine al the pieces of an Org chart or every person in a family tree having having their own page.  If they all had semantic relationships like Has_parent:: and Has_children::, how would I get a three+ genealogy chart out of SRF?  Would I need to redefine the template on each page to automatically add Has_grandparent::?

-Robert Murphy

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 8:04 AM, Yaron Koren <> wrote:

I just added a new query format, 'outline', to Semantic Result Formats. This format displays results in a tabbed outline, with one or more of the display properties setting the values for the headers. You may recall that a format of this type has been discussed on this list at various times for almost a year now; I finally sat down and wrote it. You can see the documentation for it here:

And you can see a demonstration of it on Discourse DB here:

This format has also been added to SRF's default set of formats, so if you upgrade to the new version of SRF you should just be able to use it.


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