Okay, this line is now checked in, so the caching should no longer be a problem for anyone using the calendar format (once you upgrade to the new code, that is).

The strange thing is, after thinking about it I have a vague memory of trying out that call before (probably when I first saw the caching problem, and was trying just about everything), and it not succeeding - maybe the location of the call is important.


On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 12:59 AM, CNIT <cnit@uniyar.ac.ru> wrote:
Lane, Ryan пишет:
>> Guys, turning off cache for the whole page is not a solution for the
>> extension - please don't kill all optimization efforts this way!
>> Do you think there is a solution that will localize turning off the cache
> or
>> even better - invalidate cache on update (proper way to do this)?
How's about touching LocalSettings.php once per day in a cron job?
Markus had recommended it.
For a Calendar which updates once per day it might be a good idea.
Though, the many extensions (such as I wrote, it's unrelated to SMW),
such approach wouldn't

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