Well, I'm glad there's some support for the concept. Joel and Dan - I think creating more demos is a separate issue (and, by the way, everyone has my full permission to publicize anything on Referata), but I should note that, from my personal perspective, marketing the software to techies isn't nearly as important as marketing it to the non-techies. That's for two main reasons: first, because the people who would ultimately make the decision to use this software in their own organizations generally aren't technical, and second because there are already, I think, a lot of great demos of SMW's capabilities on the various wikis; while there's almost nothing intended for managers who just want to make sure that the technology is effective, and that it's being used in the real world.


On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 10:09 AM, Brian Osborne <bosborne11@verizon.net> wrote:

This is entirely reasonable. A significant part of the support for SMW comes from people who contribute to the open source code and also make money as contractors developing for companies using SMW. If these individuals cannot support themselves doing this contract work then I suspect they'll start to focus their attention elsewhere, away from SMW, and SMW will suffer. Or, not grow as it has been growing. 

The fact is that companies are increasingly interested in SMW and there's no reason we should pretend otherwise. Open source SMW benefits from this attention, in my opinion.

Brian O.

On Apr 30, 2009, at 12:16 PM, Yaron Koren wrote:


How do people feel about adding more marketing-type documents to semantic-mediawiki.org, explaining its benefits to companies and organizations, and showing examples of its usage? I'm thinking specifically of two things, although more could be added:

- a "Why Semantic MediaWiki" page, listing all the benefits of using SMW, in a less technical and more CMS-focused way than the site currently provides
- a "testimonials" page, featuring statements contributed by users

I looked around, and there are other similar open-source projects that do provide more marketing-type documentation. Here's the testimonials page for MindTouch Deki, another wiki application:


And here's a customer listing from Alfresco, an open-source CMS:


Both of these products are run by for-profit companies, which is probably why they have a much bigger focus on marketing. But I think increasing usage is something we can all get behind, even those who aren't trying to making money from the software. Any thoughts?

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