How do people feel about adding more marketing-type documents to semantic-mediawiki.org, explaining its benefits to companies and organizations, and showing examples of its usage? I'm thinking specifically of two things, although more could be added:

- a "Why Semantic MediaWiki" page, listing all the benefits of using SMW, in a less technical and more CMS-focused way than the site currently provides
- a "testimonials" page, featuring statements contributed by users

I looked around, and there are other similar open-source projects that do provide more marketing-type documentation. Here's the testimonials page for MindTouch Deki, another wiki application:


And here's a customer listing from Alfresco, an open-source CMS:


Both of these products are run by for-profit companies, which is probably why they have a much bigger focus on marketing. But I think increasing usage is something we can all get behind, even those who aren't trying to making money from the software. Any thoughts?