I think what Patrick meant to write is that the City template should have the call "[[Country::{{{Country}}}]]" inside it.


On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 10:35 PM, b 416 <b416@webcanada.com> wrote:
Hi Patrick,

Hmmm - I'm confused, what would having [[City::{{{City}}}]] in Template:City
do?  I actually tried inserting this   today, just inside the </includeonly>
tag and all it did was echo the name of the city (eg. Toronto).  It had no
effect on restoring the link back into Category:Countries.  Do I need to put
it somewhere else?

I don't *think* it's a cache issue because I've tried just putting some
random text changes in to make sure it updates, and it does show the hard
coded text.


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