I think a way for formats to publish both a description of themselves and the set of parameters they take would be very helpful: it could be that the easiest way to do it is just to expand the information that $smwgResultFormats holds, although maybe the better solution is, as you suggest, to add methods like getDescription() and getAllowedParams() to the SMWResultPrinter class, and allow any format class to override these methods.


On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 4:25 AM, Jörg Heizmann <heizmann@ontoprise.de> wrote:

I am working on our query front-end for inline ask queries which, in the
next version, immediately shows your result set while you are creating
your query.
In order to (dynamically) support all available result printers and to
not hardcode all this stuff which might change in the future I found the
array holding name and class of each available result printer
($smwgResultFormats). That's pretty cool but I cannot get additional
meta information for each printer.

I doubt that users understand that "ul" stands for "unordered list" so I
would love to have a short description (maybe also a longer one) method
for each result printer.
Also, some printers support additional parameters which are necessary
for the frontend to know about. Here, a second method would be nice to
have in order to not hard-code this information.

What do you think about these additions?


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