Yeah, the SQL store changed in SMW 1.4; or rather, SMWSQLStore2, which had previously been optional, became mandatory. It's pretty easy to upgrade to the new store: go to "Special:SMWAdmin", and click on the button "Initialise or upgrade tables"; and when that's done, click on the button "Start updating data". This won't delete any of the data in the old SQL store, if that's a concern.


On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 1:03 PM, Temlakos <> wrote:
Markus (and Yaron and anyone else who might be able to help):

Today I upgraded my wiki from MediaWiki 1.12 to 1.14. After a few false
starts (because one of the extensions had some case changes in its
name), the upgrade and schema update is now complete.

But then I tried to update SMW to the code now in Subversion (SMW 1.5b).

This code "broke" my Historical Date data type. Now before you ask why I
don't simply make "Historical Date" an alias for "Date", let me remind
you that when you changed SMW_DVTime (the "Date" data type) to use its
own parser instead of the Unix strtotime() call, you did not implement
my "Anno Mundi" calendar nor even the Hillel II (Jewish) calendar. Those
are deal-killers.

I was able to roll everything back to SMW 1.3. Which means that my
SMW_HxDateValue class works properly with the old code.

So what exactly did you change in the implementation of SMW_DataValue,
that puts my custom data type out of compliance? What sort of things
should I check for?

Does the total size of the file have anything to do with it? My file
SMW_DVHxDate.php is 44 KB in size. Is that a deal-killer in SMW 1.4 and

I think the real problem is that you have changed the store. How do I
know that? Well, when I installed the code checkecd out of Subversion, I
ran the refresh script. That's when everything broke. Then I rolled my
code back, but whenever I went to a page containing an annotated
historical date, I got a "database error" notice, and the error traced
to the SMW store (something about an "unknown column" in a table). So I
had to run refreshData by hand multiple times, and when I did that,
everything worked the way it always had.

Bottom line: I'm likely to stay permanently at SMW 1.3 unless I can get
some assistance on how to migrate my custom date datatype to comply with
the new code.


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