I think the real issue here is whether users should be allowed to add categories within a form. I think not, because all data should be kept in semantic properties. However, the wiki you deal with, LexWiki, is meant to model an ontology, and I think that's the one case where a strong argument could be made for using categories: what's being created is a hierarchical data structure, so it makes sense for users to be aware of that hierarchy, and to know every page's location in it. However, I'm loath to think about adding a category-tree input into Semantic Forms, given all the ways it can be misused, and the very few ways that it can be used appropriately (yours being one).

On that note, actually - Marcel, could you describe the wiki you're trying to create, and what the purpose of it is?


On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Guoqian Jiang <gqjiang@hotmail.com> wrote:

I may probably not agree with your opinion.

Category tree input is very useful when the input is from a structured value set. The autocompletion only provides lexical help and sometimes users may want to browse a category tree (a kind of semantic help) to choose one. Autocompletion can help get the same value but your are assuming that users have the value set in their mind and this is not the case in many scenarios.



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! >
> Various people have asked about including a category-tree input into forms,
> but they're not supported, and I don't think they're a good idea. Would the
> set of form/template fields be exactly the same for both books and
> magazines? If so, you could just have a new field, called something like
> "Publication type", that let the user choose among these values. If not,
> then I think the best solution is to create two or three different sets of
> form/template/category combinations, for the different publication types.
> -Yaron

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