Well, "an rss feed that never changes" is an exaggeration; even cached pages get refreshed at least once a day or so, from my experience. But if you don't want caching for queries, you could try disabling caching on your wiki altogether - I don't think it's the huge performance hit some people consider it to be.


On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 8:03 PM, Brian <Brian.Mingus@colorado.edu> wrote:
I seem to have two very different uses of #ask. The first is documentation pages which contain many demonstration #ask queries whose parser caches should essentially never become invalid. The second is dynamic #ask queries that should be reparsed every single time the page is loaded. I am surprised that I have not yet found a way to achieve the latter functionality given that format=rss is available. What is the point of having an rss feed that never changes?

I have come up with two potential solutions to this (assuming no one here knows a way to do it with existing tech):

  1. An extension that creates the __NOCACHE__ magic keyword which then calls $parser->disableCache() for a given article.
  2. Adding disablecache=1 parameter to #ask

I have seen this implemented before in the BugzillaReports extension. It doesn't look too painful:

                if ($this->query->get("disablecache") != null) {
                        # Extension parameter take priority on disable cache configuration
                        if ($this->query->get("disablecache") == "1") {

Any thoughts on this? I think it's a pretty major issue!


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