Hey, thanks for rescuing these old, unanswered emails.

And the "Add another" button in Semantic Forms just means "add another template", as opposed to, say, "add another set of queriable data". But I'll consider your renaming suggestion. :)


On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 6:51 PM, S Page <info@skierpage.com> wrote:
A while ago Dan Stante wrote:

> I've got the following setup:
> and each Reception Venue can also have multiple Venue Rooms, with the propeties:
> Room Name
> Cocktail Capacity
> ...
You have fallen in to a classic trap.  Semantic Forms' 'edit with form'
and your Template:Venue_Room both neatly display
 Room Name     Cocktail Capacity
  Terrace       74
grouped together. This has misled you into thinking that somehow these
values for the properties "Room Name" and "Cocktail Capacity" are paired up.

**** Multiple values for different properties are **COMPLETELY**
UNRELATED to each other. ****

You can see this clearly if you view the factbox or use Special:Browse ,
they both show lists of Room Name values and Cocktail Capacity values.

Your query actually display random values of Room Name and Cocktail
Capacity next to each other.  The reason the capacity goes blank is that
you have given the same Cocktail Capacity value more than once, and SMW
just reports it once.

You're going to have to go to a more complicated model, involving either
a page for each room or many-valued properties.
The recent discussion "rows of data in SMW" should prove fruitful.

I wonder what SMW and Semantic Forms can do to warn people about this
trap.  Maybe rename that sexy [Add another] button to
  [Add some more completely unrelated property values to this page]

=S Page

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