I've been thinking recently about components of Semantic Forms that really belong in Semantic MediaWiki, because they're not related to forms. Special pages like 'Templates' or 'CreateProperty' are obvious candidates, though you could make a case for them staying because (a) SF takes a more template-centric approach, and (b) helper forms are forms in their own right. But the features of SF for which I don't think any strong case could be made for keeping them there are the #arraymap and #arraymaptemplate parser functions, which are used to to map a semantic property or other action, like a widget call, onto each value of a list. I think it makes sense to have these somewhere within the SMW system, since SMW takes a text-as-data approach that isn't shared by most other MediaWiki usages, but there's nothing form-specific about these functions. In fact, I believe that in a few cases people have installed Semantic Forms just to have access to these functions. So, any thoughts on moving them directly into SMW?
I know the general effort is to make SMW as small and lightweight as possible, but this functionality doesn't take up that much code, and as someone once said, one should "keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler".