I assume you're talking about the links to sandbox.semantic-mediawiki.org that S Page included. I agree that a testing site is not a good place for any kind of documentation; and if those pages are there only because semantic-mediawiki.org is closed for editing, it's another argument for re-opening registration on that site.

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Solbrig, Harold R. <Solbrig.Harold@mayo.edu> wrote:

I went to the URL's below, but the banner says:

"This site is a playground for testing Semantic MediaWiki. All content
entered or uploaded here may be deleted at any time, and nothing here
should be assumed to be true."


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> the first-ever Semantic MediaWiki users meeting,


>  which was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts

(also the headquarters of One Laptop Per Child which uses SMW.  I
*really* should have attended.)

> - There should be more documentation. That includes codifying "best
> practices" and use cases,

Everyone and anyone should read and update
and make additional "Help:" pages; inform this list when you add
knowledge.  (The pages are there and not semanticweb.org because
cookbooks and demos need sample data.)

> - Many new features were requested.

Did nobody mention better ways to control the appearance of property
values?  All the new Result Formats are great but you can't say how
individual columns should appear.  The pain of making values appear the
way they want is the biggest disappointment of wiki.laptop.org editors
when they try SMW.  For example, Property bug_number::15541 should
always display as a link and without a comma.  I filed enhancement
request for a  Property:Has_format ,

Anyway, well done!
Warmest regards,
=S Page

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