Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to announce the release of my latest extension, Semantic Compound Queries. This one allows for the display of more than one query at the same time, using a new parser function, #compound_query, that takes in a set of queries, and combines their results. A single format is specified for all the queries. There are special tie-ins with the 'googlemaps' and 'calendar' formats (found in Semantic Google Maps and Semantic Result Formats, respectively), so that you can display a Google Map with different sets of points and have each set be represented by a different marker image; or have a calendar with different types of events, with each event type displayed in a different color.

The page for the extension is here:


Because the extension consists of just one file, it might make sense to add it into another extension. Partly for that reason, and partly because there's no pressing need for it to be on SVN, I haven't added it yet to MediaWiki's SVN repository. For now, all the code can be found at:


You can read more about installing and using the extension on its main page.

And here are two demonstrations of SCQ in action: first, the map for the SMW Community Wiki, which now shows both individuals and organizations, with the latter as green markers (only one is immediately visible, but there are three altogether):


Second, a demo calendar for Discourse DB, this one showing opinion items about the 2008 U.S. presidential election in green, and all other opinion items in default blue:


And here are the queries used to create the two, respectively:

{{#compound_query:[[Category:People]];?Has location|[[Category:Organizations]];?Has coordinates;icon=Green marker.png|format=googlemap|width=800}}

{{#compound_query:[[Category:Items]][[Addresses topic::United States presidential election, 2008]];? Was published on;color=#009900;limit=1500|[[Category:Items]];? Was published on;limit=1500|format=calendar}}

Feel free to try it out, and all feedback is welcome.