I just added code to handle a 'calendar' format in Semantic Result Formats. This is essentially the code from the Semantic Calendar extension, although that one uses/used its own parser function, #semantic_calendar, while this one uses #ask. Included in this addition was the creation of an internationalization file for SRF, which currently just holds the language values from Semantic Calendar.

This is a very "soft" release - I'm only sending this to the developers list for now. I want to make sure that everything looks good, in terms of the code layout - I believe 'calendar' is the first format that uses more than one PHP file, so I had to come up with some new conventions. If you see something that you think should be changed, you can respond to this email, or feel free to just change it yourself. You can also try out the new format - it basically works as you could imagine. You just need to make sure that one of the properties being displayed is of type 'Date', and most likely you'll want to add in a "limit=" parameter to the #ask query, to increase the number of values being 'displayed' above 50, since within the calendar all the results get 'displayed' at once.

This marks the beginning of the deprecation of the Semantic Calendar extension, although it may take a while until it's officially deprecated - perhaps when SMW 1.4 is released.